A selection of images from my Bling City and Urban Landscape series, with some other, more diverse subjects. Click an image for a closer view. Further images can be found in Gallery 2.


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Bling City and Urban Landscapes


I remember asking my mother, "Why did you bring me here?"

"The streets of London are paved with gold," was her reply. I'm always thinking about this when I find something good in the streets to turn into art. This is the largest of the series, and it's made in many sizes and mediums from wood to glass. It looks at the magnetic pull and attraction the city has, the lights, it's signs calling us in. It is also the series I use as a Workshop project to raise awareness.

Culture Vs Nature


"Culture Vs Nature" is the umbrella series that the others fit inside. It started as a small book made from a lino print, showing the changing cycles of culture and nature as a loop, changing from one to the other . Now it has become three stop frame animations, work on wood, canvas and other mediums.



When this series began, the circle was used for it's universal symbolism and the many other things it may represent. It was also a way to get us thinking about the planet, and was used for workshops. I didn't know they were Mandalas until the last layer was added. It was a moment of discovery, digging for roots and finding hidden treasure.