Chico attended Wembley high school in North Wembley, then he went to study Interior Design at Willeseden Tech College B/TEC diploma.


1994/95 Art Fondation City Lit. 

                Holborn London


1995/98 BA Degree Fine Art          

               Printmaking & Photo Media Central Saint Martin School of Arts


1999/08 Studio Practice - Bubble 

               wrap arts- Panther House 38 

             Mount pleasent, London WC1



Chico is now working and living between London and Tuscany, Italy, where he's got family and friends. That's why he's been having many exhibitions in Italy. Up next the EXPO 2020 IN DUBAI, with the collaboration of Giammarco Puntelli, famous italian Contemporary Art critic.






1998 Beyond Skin/ Identities

2008 Culture vs nature - Richmix Arts

          Centre Bethnal Green rd.London

2009 Bling City & Human Traffic 

          Cable Street Gallery, Lime House


2017 Bel Canto in Barga Gallery,      

          Tuscany, Italy

2017 Group exhibition Biennale

         d'Arte Contemporanea di Massa

         e Montignoso, Tuscany

2018 Mar Biennale Arte Contemporanea 

                   Lake Como, Italy

2018 Apr  22" Collettiva d'Arte Contemp.

                   Galleria Farini, Bologna

2018 SPRING Choises of Puntelli Tour

         First show in Gubbio, May/June

2018 JUNE  UV-LIZE exhibition in 

          Palazzo Pancrazi, Barga, Tuscany

2018 SUMMER Choises of Puntelli Tour

          Second show in Carrara

2018  Special show of The Choises of 

          Puntelli in Anghiari

2018AUTUMN Choises of Puntelli Tour

          Third show in Tivoli

2018 Sept/Oct PACE & AMORE 

       exhibition in the big mosque in Rome         Editoriale GIORGIO MONDADORI

        (Giorgio Mondadori Catalogue)

2019 MARCH/APRIL Infinity Accademy

           Project in Sabbioneta, Italy

           Giorgio Mondadori Catalogue

2019 May Exhibition of The Journal

                  of Barga - Collective


Chico Molo is a dynamic mixed media artist living and working in Clerkenwell, London. Describing himself as “a conduit, a medium for all things, both material and immaterial to have a voice”, he combines painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking to create unique new forms of expression. Organic processes and exploration of new and unusual materials are central to Chico’s work. He explains “I became an artist, when the work came through me and not from me. It wasn’t when I finished art school or when I rented a studio. I am always learning and frequently surprised – often in a good way by the un-contrived outcome that the freedom to ‘become’ allows”. Found objects, scraps of metal, plastic, fabric, ceramics or wood are transformed into new multi-layered forms and textures. Even recognisable objects like a spoon or clothes peg find their way on to the canvas and take on new life as a figure or landmark in Chico’s abstract and imagined urban landscapes.


Born in Jamaica in 1960, Chico arrived in London five years later. Removed from an environment that was shaped by the forces of nature he felt a sense of alienation among this unyielding concrete, metal and glass facades of the sprawling city. His early connection with nature, lead to a quest to look beyond the surface and identify the organic elements beneath – to relate to the city as an organism that lives and breathes.


  Chico believes the voice and meaning of the work is larger than him self.  Making sure its voice is heard is important.Chico wants his artistic practice to have a positive influence on others in the community and beyond. His charitable organisation Bubble-wrap Arts employs young artists to hold workshops in schools and youth clubs to create their own ‘Bling’ cityscapes. Future projects include establishing a larger studio space to carry out a planned large-scale series of work.


From the Catalogue of the exhibition in Bologna to the Farini Gallery where he exhibited "SHE", the painting you can see above:


"Chico Molo abandons all the conventionalities and, intentionally, acts outside their range, connecting a different range of explorations that takes place through the experimentation of the media mixing: print, collage, sculpture and painting interact according to an innovative model, as it happens also for the colors, with which the artist plays superlatively. In this continuous exchange that looks at contemporary cross-media, never fails a sign of Nature, as laso happens in SHE. In this painting the attentive eye of the public will discover a detail, a call that refers to a message really important for the artist: there are signs within the work that represent both culture and nature. Here, therefore, that Chico tries to build a new skin for the humanity, in the context of an identity research respectful of the world we live, the alpha and omega of our passage. The sign, as a human trace, becomes an allegory that Chico Molo investigates in a profound way reaching the creation of works that speak in images and concepts, opening a private dialogue with the observer.