Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media print time lapse photo Landscape with zoom Portrait people print on wood
Portrait on WoodDeceiving oneself


Mixed Media adds a full range of tools to my pallet, allowing me to explore beyond the boundaries that separate and connect them all. For example, some of my paintings are also print and collage, even sculpture at times, and vice- versa.


The idea dictates the techniques, the processes and medium used to express meaning were materials found mainly in the streets. Recycling is used to create 85% of the works.


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Who is Chico Molo?Chico at work in his studio

I was born in Jamaica to a Jamaican mother and a Chinese- Jamaican father, and this mixed cultural background could be why I've questioned the notion of Identity from an early age. My early childhood years in Jamaica are where I acquired my deep connection with nature; it's always been my first passion, my way of escaping the reality of life's "non-realities". Nature's influences are central to my work and life.


On arriving in the UK, we moved to Wembley. This is where I grew up. Being dyslexic, I've always lived in a visual world, using this primary sense to solve problems. My high school years were a prolonged agony, up until fifth form when the arrival of a new art teacher changed everything. Although she only taught me for eight months, it was those precious months that shaped my life. She gave me the first key to opening the door leading to self worth, value and confidence. I can't remember the names or lessons of art teachers before her, but I will never forget Miss Wise!


In 2005, I rented a studio in Panther House, Clerkenwell, called Bubblewrap Arts. This was a time of exploration, jazz experiments and giving something back; I connected with others that would benefit from working with me as a stepping stone to a foundation or degree course. I found this very rewarding and went on to create workshops that gave my assistance working in community centres and schools, where I use my Bling City series as a platform to talk about climate change and recycling.


I became an artist the moment the work came through me and not from me.

Life is a process and life is my teacher. These are the processes that have helped me to create my work, they are the inspiration that guides and shapes both my work and myself.