The Art Explorer's Guide to the Imagination

Posted on 25th March, 2014

A regular update of Chico's thoughts and memories, inspirations and processes, as his work and life develop. Come back regularly for an insight into the workings of an artist's mind and imagination.

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Perhaps I should be filling in some background layers of history, onto this empty canvas? The kind of information that's needed when filling out any passport form! Name, Date and Place of Birth? It may help, so
I'll try and keep it simple, but it wont be easy.
I was born on the Island of Jamaica, but that's mostly geography, I've lived most of my life in the London. So when I go back to Jamaica, I'm a sheep amongst goats!...
The names given too me by my parents are names that no one in the world has ever called me or known me as. All five of them. Then my grandmother added a sixth name that people called me but was never on a legal document. Do you can get were this is going? So many labels non were for me. Life named me Chico, not even I picked that one. But I did grow into it comfortably, as it means little boy, and everyone say's how young I look, when they ask about my age....
But age is not on the outside. We grow and develop internally not externally. We know when we've grown and it's nothing too do with birthdays. It can be anytime?...So in a nutshell. I have no real name or label to call "I". I have country to really die for or call home. Nothing too attach or identify with. Free from it all, but that's another story,,,
I remember, the feeling of freedom that came with letting it all go. Friends, social position and status, money, my phones. my ego's, you name it. Somethings went below ground too lay dormant. The rest went into the meta-phyical sacrificial fire!
I was re-inventing myself, shedding the skins of what I knew too find what i needed to evolve and find the fulfilment my soul, was craving. And that started to happen when I enrolled at the City Lit, adult education in Holborn. For classes in Life Drawing, Life Painting, painting and Watercolour for the imagination.
After my second week of evening classes. I was invited to join their art foundation course. I did!